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Character Generator Feature Roadmap [Tentative]

v1.0 Feature Implementation (bold items are finished; italicized items are in development):

  • Ability Scores (point buy, tier points, racial adjustments)
  • Core Classes (alignment restrictions, favored class bonuses, selectable class features)
  • Skills (class skill training bonus, skill focus bonus, racial bonuses, ability modifiers)
  • Calculated Combat Stats (BAB, CMB, CMD, AC, Touch AC, Flat Footed AC, Saves, HPs, Speed, Initiative)
  • Feats (Racial, class granted feats, full prerequisite validation)
  • Equipment (calculate wealth, calculate encumbrance, attack/damage bonuses, highlight proficiency, equip to slots)
  • Spells (select known spells, select memorized spells, calculate DCs, calculate dice/bonuses)
  • Save to PDF (complete with calculated values, racial & class features, custom landscape layout)

v2.0 Feature Roadmap:

  • Prestige Classes
  • Traits
  • Language Selection
  • Random Bio Generation (Name, Age, Height, Weight, Hair, & Eyes) based on Race & Gender
  • Aging Affects validation based on Age/Race/Class
  • Rules Info (overlays with PRD definitions for class features, feats, etc.)
  • Pathfinder Society legal character validation
  • Save to HTML
  • 60+ Terrible Portraits integration

v3.0 Feature Roadmap:

  • Dynamic Feat & Feature overlays
  • Advanced Player's Guide Update
  • Non-core open entries for class, feats, traits, skills, equipment, & spells.
  • Pre-calculated Combat Maneuver & Spell sheets
  • Custom Magic Weapon & Armor
  • Storage Solutions


The following individuals were vital during usability testing and rules checking:


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